Let us introduce ourselves

We are the change in the world of generic English teaching

We have taught more than 12,000 hours between us. We have the DETERMINATION to change the way English is taught, to move away from a one-size-fits- all approach, and make the student’s goal the core of each class we teach.


We recognise that learning English is a big objective, and generic teaching curriculums, methods and materials are designed to teach students based on their LEVEL, not their GOAL.


We coach our students based on their level AND their goal. What is your GOAL? Why are you learning English?


We are here to provide the personalised solutions to take your goals from possible to inevitable, by teaching you what you need to know, showing you how English can become a part of your daily routine, and MOTIVATING you to achieve FLUENCY.

Get closer to fluency with these simple steps


Introduce yourself and share your goal, timeline and convenient timetable with us


We call you for a 10-minute level test over the phone to assess your level


We allocate the perfect group based on your level, goal and timetable


You confirm the course and start moving closer to achieving the results you desire!

Where does Savvy come from?

We have the Spanish to thank for the word ‘savvy’ in the English language.
To be savvy or to have a lot of savvy comes from the Spanish verb ‘saber’ meaning ‘to know’.
Over the centuries the word has evolved into its current meaning in English which is…
To be someone who knows a lot about a particular subject or has a lot of know-how. To be clever in the way they do things.
We are advocates of being savvy in our approach to teaching English!

Who we are

Lucy Hingley
Nottingham, UK

Former Business Manager

5 years coaching businesses and individuals in English, as well as preparing students for their Cambridge and Trinity exams.

Joely Pullen
Portsmouth, UK

Former Event Manager

5 years teaching, coaching and motivating business professionals and companies to achieve fluency in English.

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